Frequently Asked Questions

Covert security is security components and peripherals that human traffic can not easily distinguish as a security device. Because the systems and processes are virtually invisible to the naked eye, covert security systems capture actions and events that normally would not take place in a public space.

Sure! we can convert your doors to open by FOB badging, biometrics, facial recognition, and any combination of technologies. Feel free to ask us for an assessment of your property.

Yes! there are LPRs available that can capture license tags 2 miles out in all conditions of lighting and weather. Ask us for a free online quote.

Yes, we do specialize in remote surveillance systems that are monitored by us including video and access violations. We also offer armed security response contracts.

We do have access to specialists who can trace digital footprints and set traps for events of this nature. Contact US ASAP for a free analysis and estimate.

Yes. We have systems that can distinguish between a field mouse and a rabbit, dear moose, and or human. The predator system can operate in the most severe climates and classify all targets for response or disregard based on the profile match. Contact us for more details.

No, Some of our systems are restricted to Government Agencies Only.